Membership in International Organizations and Networks

Besides individual memberships of its staff and co-workers in various European committees and bodies in the field of bioethics, IMEB n. f., as a legal person, is a member of important European networks.


IMEB n. f. became again a regular member of EACME (European Association of Centres of Medical Ethics) in 2008 (when its original membership, valid in the years 1994 – 1997, was re-established). Staff and co-workers of IMEB take part in the work and various activities of EACME, especially as invited lecturers and/or active participants in the annual conferences of EACME, participants in workshops and conferences organized by EACME or its member organizations.

Details to be found at the official web page of EACME:


IMEB n. f. became a co-initiator and co-founder of EUREC (European Network of Research Ethics Committees) in 2005 at the first European conference of ethics committees organized by the European Commission (EC) in Brussels on January 26 – 27, 2005. Director of IMEB n. f. served on an international Consultative Board of the conference. During the conference, with an active participation of IMEB representative, a meeting of initiative group of professionals took place. At the meeting, a common declaration on the need of establishing the European network of research ethics committees was adopted and signed.

Founding of the network was made a goal of an international project of the 6th Framework Program (6FP) of EC. The project was given an acronym EUREC (see above). IMEB n. f. became a partner in the project. Its representative became a member of the “core group” of EUREC. A special focus of IMEB’s participation was on EUREC activities in Central and Eastern Europe.

Details to be found at the official web page of the project:


IMEB became a co-initiator and co-founder of ECEN (European Clinical Ethics Network) at the first, inauguration meeting of ECEN in Paris in 2005. ECEN refers to the first informal European network of professionals and centres working in the field of clinical bioethics. At present, ECEN membership is limited. ECEN was founded as a non-grant specialised project under the auspices of EACME. ECEN organizes annual working meetings and facilitates informal Exchange of information among the members.

ECEN at present does not have its own web page, but publishes outcomes of the own work in professional journals and at the meetings and other activities of EACME.